About E-Verve Design

For designers at E-Verve Design, a Delhi based architectural and interior design firm space is like an experience which have an impact on the person moving through it. Spaces have feelings which are carried by its users.

E-Verve Design was started by Sanjit Gupta and Atul Agarwal in 2010 after completing their B.Arch and after gaining experience by working in various architectural firms. In this short span of time, E-Verve has experience in various kind of projects like hospitality, institutional, healthcare and commercial & residential interiors.

E-Verve Design believes in creating environments that are contemporary, multi-layered and sensitive to contextual conditions. Here at E-Verve Design we strive to develop environmentally and morphologically responsible designs within market and programmatic pressures and attempt to overlap our goals with our clients.


Our core belief that architecture matters in history, today and tomorrow continually guides our design philosophy. We believe that architecture can inspire, influence and enhance the lives of both its users and the community. Our approach is built not on a pre-determined aesthetic or a rigid “signature style.” It grows naturally from a quest for ideas and answers. Designs are never imposed. They evolve from a rigorous inquiry into the particulars of location and program. They represent our determined belief that we can transform problem-solving into art.

We are committed to excellence in the design and development of our sites and buildings. For E-Verve Design, this means an integrated approach that achieves the highest quality of aesthetics in meeting the requirements of the building’s users, while at the same time delivering a building that is cost effective to maintain throughout its useful life and is a lasting architectural legacy that will serve the users.

Our Team

E-Verve Design is a design consultancy firm established by Sanjit Gupta and Atul Agarwal in New Delhi in 2010. The partners are graduate architects from the Sushant School of Art & Architecture & Vastu-Kal Academy, New Delhi.

Sanjit Gupta

Architect, B.Arch, MCA


Atul Agarwal

Architect, B.Arch, MCA

Media Highlights

Our works has been published in the following Magazines and Journals.

  • Tensigrity Structure, Jindal Steel Magazine, 2006
  • Vidya Prabhat School, Builder’s Friend Magazine, July 2010
  • TATA RAISE Competition 2012, Recognized as top 10 Residential Architecture in India
  • Delhi 20 Heritage Walks, May 2013


E-Verve Design is associated with various architectural and construction firms in India and abroad.

Associate Partners

  • ASP Associates
  • KD Construction
  • Shiva Constech

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